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532nm 1000mW 1Watt Alignment-free mGreen Laser Module

Author:U-laser Technical Department   From:  Date:2012-12-19


Alignment-free mGreen Laser Module ( bonded Nd:YVO4/PPLN with copper holder) for 532nm  1000 mW 1Watt green laser 





1.  Introduction 

mGreen module is a single component for green light generation. By simply pumping the

mGreen with an 808nm LD, one can easily achieve 500- 1000 mW green light output .

2.. Module  Description 

The mGreen is composed of 4 components, as shown schematically in Fig.1 Fig.1 Fig.1 Fig.1 , i.e. a silicon

subcarrier; a 1% doped Nd:YVO4 crystal, a 5mol% MgO:PPLN crystal, and a copper cover. The

Nd:YVO4 and 5mol% MgO:PPLN crystals are precisely aligned and mounted on a Si substrate

so that facets of the two crystals are in parallel. The c-axis of the Nd:YVO4 and MgO:PPLN are

both aligned in the vertical direction. The input facet of the Nd:YVO 4 crystal was coated for high

transmission at 808 nm pump wavelength, and high reflection at both 1064 nm and 532 nm

wavelength. The output surface of the MgO:PPLN crystal ha s a high reflection coating for 1064

nm and high transmission coating for 532 nm light. The mGreen module has a size of only 7(L)

× 4.5(W) × 2(H) mm 3



3. Construction of  a greenlaserTo form a green laser , we basically only need an 808nm pump laser diode in C-mount or F-mount packaging, a n mGreen, and other accessories (such as TEC). Fig.2 Fig.2 Fig.2 Fig.2 shows a schematicstructure of a green laser based on an mGreen module and a C-mount 808nm LD . It is worth
noting that
1. To achieve the best performance of the mGreen, t he 808 nm LD should be rotated by 90 osince most 808nm LDs emit TE polariz ed light , as shown in Fig.2 Fig.2 Fig.2 Fig.2 ;
2. The mGreen should be set in a way that the silicon subcarrier is contacted with a heat sink or
the TEC;
3. T he distance between the 808 nm LD and mGreen can be set at about 1 mm;
4. N o focusing lens and coupling mirror are needed ;
5. 808 nm LD with a fast axis collimation (FAC) should be used. Usually the pump LD with the FAC has a beam divergence of around 7 degree in both direction s, which can result a square shaped beam. Of course , if you want to use more complicated lenses for pump beam reshaping and focusing, the performances of the mGreen could be further enhanced in terms
 of green light power.


4. . Alignment

Although the mGreen itself is a single alignment-free module , i.e. there is no need to adjustNd:YVO4 and MgO:PPLN, you still need to adjust the relative position between 808nm LD and the mGreen on your own platform. This is the only alignment step you have to encounter inmaking an efficient green laser . Fig. Fig. Fig. Fig. 3 3 3 3 shows the geometric dimensions of the mGreen. T hevertical dimension of the crystal is 0.5 mm or 500 um . Therefore, you need to design andfabricate your platform with a tolerance of several tens of micrometers so that the pump LD ’ semitting center is positioned in the center of the crystal. In contrast , transverse positioning is notcritical since the effective width of the crystal is about 1.5 mm .

5. 5. 5. 5. Typical performance

When you assemble your 808 nm pump LD and mGreen on your platform to form a green laser ,
you should be able to obtain more than 500mW green light by using a 3W 808nm pump LD .
Fig.4 shows a typical experimental result of the mGreen module with a 4W 808nm LD. At a
pump power of 3.5W, over 700mW 532nm green power is generated. A clear circular shaped
beam should be obtained .


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